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Welcome to the STYLESTRING™ blog! So happy you are here! It is the dawn of a NEW day and it is time you let your accessories work for YOU. Big things DO come in small packages especially with STYLESTRING™. STYLESTRING™ can be worn in over 7 different ways! As a necklace, belt, bracelet, headband, bag accessory, shoe accessory, and hat accessory.

Not only can STYLESTRING™ be worn 7 different ways, but each “wear” has many different variations. For example, if you choose to wear your STYLESTRING™ on your handbag you could wear it as an additional strap, as a hanging accessory, or wrapped around the existing strap of your bag as a fixed accessory. Or, let’s say you want to wear STYLESTRING™ as a belt. You can wear your STYLESTRING™ fully snapped to create a skinny belt, snapped a couple times to create a “double wrapped” belt, snapped once to create a casual belt that sits at your hip, or you can even wear MULTIPLE STYLESTRING™’s for a gorgeous custom look. Wearing multiple STYLESTRING™’s does not only apply to wearing it as a belt, it applies to all of the 7 ways that you can wear it!

Please take a look at our VIDEOS page to see STYLESTRING™ in action! Visit:

Sustainability is a huge aspect of STYLESTRING™. It is made from the finest vegan leather and adorned with gorgeous non toxic hardware (aka lead and nickel free). Another added bonus,STYLESTRING™ is made by the best craftsmen in Italy. Can you say eco luxury?!

STYLESTRING™ is totally unique in the sense that you can CREATE how you choose to wear it. It's not magic, it is just the power of stylish intention...If you can secure how you have imagined wearing your STYLESTRING™ your set. It is that simple.
Who wouldn't want to advance their style? Can I get an 'amen'!
Stay posted with THE WORLD OF STYLESTRING™ for the next line up of STYLESTRING™ news + tutorials. 
Until the next time,

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